Sedona Lace Aurora Synthetic Brush Set

12 March 2015 by admin



I always love getting new brushes! This is my new brush set from Sedona Lace that I wanted to share with you. This set is the Aurora Synthetic brush set that includes 4 amazing face brushes: Round Top Powder Brush, Flat Top Powder Brush, Angle Top Powder Brush, and the Kabuki Brush. I have used a set identical to this before but Sedona Lace now has different color sets. I fell in love with the cool orange color because it was different and I haven’t seen an orange brush set out there.


These brushes are incredibly soft and feel amazing against your skin. Because these brushes are synthetic, they will shed less and you wont waste product that you use on the brush. They will absorb the perfect amount of product to give a flawless airbrush finish. Who doesnt like to look airbrushed? What I mean by airbrushed is that they blend any type of product perfectly on your skin and there are so streaks left to be seen. They will seriously give your makeup a flawless finish.

Like I said before, I have used this set of brushes before and each brush for a different task.


Synthetic Flat Top

This brush is my favorite out of the bunch. I love using this brush for my liquid makeup. I like using flat brushes because it lays perfectly against the skin. You can use this brush to stipple your foundation on or you can do what I do and buff it on.




Synthetic Round Top Brush

This brush is super dense. I like to use this to buff out any product or soften edges. I also use it with cream or liquid products for under the eyes when I need or full coverage when my beauty blender isn’t handy.four


Synthetic Angle Top

You have probably seen this brush in my videos a lot. I love using this brush for my bronzer. Because of the shape of this brush,  and its angled top, its perfect for adding bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and my temples, jaw line, wherever you wanna apply bronzer.




Kabuki Brush

Let me just say, this is a luxurious brush. Super soft, super dense, and its just pretty. This brush is great for a loose mineral foundation. I feel like the bristles pick up product perfectly and disperses it evenly on your face making your application flawless.





So Anyway, if you are looking for some new fab face brushes, these might be the ones for you. I have used Sedona Lace brushes for years and I love them. They will be part of my everyday makeup routine for a very very long time.


Check out the link below if you would like to check this set out! There are also other fun colors to choose from :)

Sedona Lace Aurora Synthetic Brush Set $59.95

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