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5 August 2014 by admin




Something new is coming to Sephora from BUXOM!! This is super exciting. Buxom is launching their new mascara line and will have a Customizable Mascara Bar at Sephora. Have you ever loved a mascara formula so much but you wish the brush was different? Now you can actually choose the exact brush you want! Their newest formula is the BUXOM Vanity Lash Mascara and now you can pair it with your perfect brush. The newest formula can work with any of the brushes available. The new formula contains biotin & provitamin B5 to help strengthen lashes.

IMG_2403BUXOM Vanity Lash Mascara

Check out all the new brushes that are available! There are 7 new brushes to choose from.


Here are some more up close pictures of each brush:



IMG_2368Curl & Contour

Angled Brush, Contour and Shapes for Volumized Lashes



IMG_2361Lush & Lifted

One side builds volume, the other side separates and lifts the lashes



IMG_2362Strong & Long

Sleek brush shape teases lashes to extreme lengths



IMG_2381Full & Fabulous

Molded Ball tips power through lashes for fullness from roots to ends



IMG_2384Big & Bushy

Super bushy bristles layer on massive volume for huge big lashes



IMG_2387Thick & Defined

Molded Flexi Bristles and tapered tip for thickness and definition



IMG_2399(1)Itty Bitty

Perfect for the littlest lashes

Besides the customization, my favorite part about this mascara is the packaging!! I think every single wand is so cute with all the unique different patterns on each handle of the wands! The color theme is awesome and I am so happy a brand decided to do this. I think a mascara bar is genius!

I have a few favorites that I really like. The 3 wands below caught my attention.


All of these brushes do different things. I think its awesome that you finally can customize and choose the exact brush you want based on what you want your lashes to do. The retail price for 1 Brush and the mascara is $22. The BUXOM Mascara Bar will be at Sephora starting this month (August). Whats your favorite?

Xo, Ariel

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